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Zayna's is a head shop in Des-peres, Missouri.

It is sometimes referred to as "Zayna's Hookah".


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1034 Old Des Peres Road
Des Peres, MO 63131

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(314) 555-1625

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Zayna's on 1034 Old Des Peres Road

Since this place hasn't had any reviews in a few months I thought I would update mine. The place is under new ownership so it has improved quite a bit over the last few months. They have new furniture (though regular chairs could use a little work) which is very comfortable and they have rearranged a lot of the stuff to make it more friendly. They have trivia every Thursday night which is a lot of fun and the place is always packed for that. I wish they would do more stuff like that so I had a reason to come back more often. The lighting is alright but could use some improvements (looks a little tacky). The overall quality of the hookah is much better than anywhere else in the area that I have been. The service is good and the quality of the bowls is very good. If you want a good quality hookah without having to make it yourself, this is the best you will get in the area plus it's relatively cheap compared to the other places. My biggest beef with the place is that it does not have cable. I'm not sure how you can call yourself a bar if you don't have cable. Like I said before, they have a projector that barely gets used that is in a prime location to throw on big sporting events. What's better than sitting back and enjoying some hookah while watching the Cardinals and the Blues slaughter their opponents? I can guarantee you I would be up there more often if I could watch the games there. Overall it is a good little hole in the wall hookah establishment with good quality hookahs and a halfway decent atmosphere. I would recommend it if you are just out with some friends looking to smoke a little hookah and have a good time (especially on a Thursday night) but if you are looking for booze and/or the big game, this place is not for you.

Review by Luke Benten

Zayna's on 1034 Old Des Peres Road

Been going for a long time and the employee's have always been great! The hookah itself is always nice with very few issues. I recommend this place to any friend asking me where to go for a hookah lounge.

Review by Daniel Cason

Zayna's on 1034 Old Des Peres Road

Great spot for hookah. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Only drawback is that when it's busy there is not much air to breathe.

Review by Andi Naqellari

Zayna's on 1034 Old Des Peres Road

Do you like activities such as hookah, close friends, and great times? Well look no further because this establishment is the place to be! The owner's are amazingly friendly and keep their customers satisfied as well as have a very cleanly establishment. There is no other Hookah Bar/Lounge I would rather go to than Zayna's! Great atmosphere, great people, and a clean establishment to boot. It doesn't get much better than Zayna's!

Review by CJ Voege

Zayna's on 1034 Old Des Peres Road

The first time I went here was wonderful, nice people and good times (plus the chalk board paint in the bathroom was fun to draw on). The other times, however, were not so great. The smoke is never thick and the flavor is so slight that it feels like you're getting ripped off. We have also had times where we went in and they told us in a very rude tone that they did not have enough hookahs for us - I found this to be ironic considering the workers were smoking a hookah of their own. The workers never come around to ask for another coal or anything. I will be going back soon in hopes I can have another experience like my first but if I have one like the recent experiences I will not be going back.

Review by Nikki Marie

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