Wade's World Smoke Shop

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Wade's World Smoke Shop is a head shop in St-augustine, Florida.

Wade\'s World Smoke Shop

Multiple Locations

804 Anastasia Blvd #B
St. Augustine, FL 32080

1489 County Rd 220 Suite 140
Orange Park, FL 32003



There are 2 locations in Wade's World Smoke Shop.

Phone Number

There are multiple 2 phone numbers in Wade's World Smoke Shop.

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Wade's World Smoke Shop on 804 Anastasia Blvd #B

Can’t say enough how great these guys are! On several visits we got to work with Vance and Phil - both were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. We are super happy with our purchases but only because of their patience... took the time to make sure all our questions were answered. Really cool! 😎

Review by Jon

Wade's World Smoke Shop on 804 Anastasia Blvd #B

I would not recommend coming to this vape shop the man that works here is very rude.

Review by Cyrus Martinez

Wade's World Smoke Shop on 804 Anastasia Blvd #B

It was a very clean store. And Vance was very helpful in getting what I needed. Valerie

Review by Hey Girl

Wade's World Smoke Shop on 804 Anastasia Blvd #B

I had a very strange visit here... when I first came in with my friend, the service was very good and someone showed us the glassware and other items, when I had picked out an item and gave it to my friend to buy because I didn’t bring my ID because I just wanted to look at first, the guy who had showed us around asked me for my iD and I told him I didn’t have it and explained why, he then said I couldn’t be in here so I waited outside, my friend came out and said that they guy inside had insulted me and then said he wouldn’t sell anything to my friend and told him to leave, I assumed it was because he believed I was underage and committing a strawman purchase, so we went home grabbed my iD came back, and when the man saw I was 18 he got angry and told us both to leave and he wouldn’t sell me anything, I left shocked and very sick to my stomach at how rude and unreasonable he was, they are not getting my business and I recommend no one else shop here either

Review by rabbi goldstein

Wade's World Smoke Shop on 804 Anastasia Blvd #B

The customer service was great, and the price was very reasonable. Cool slider selection.

Review by John Valentine

Wade's World Smoke Shop on 1489 County Rd 220 Suite 140

Tried to call and get a price for a part of a pen that I bought at the store and they would not give me a price over the phone.... claimed It was policy As the owner of two companies this feels like a scam, good customer service would entail transparency in you ur price this could be the make the price as I go along model. Ok so what is the point of no Prices over the phone please enlighten the public? And if you do not tell your prices over the phone they are not transparent so your response makes no sense.

Review by scott dorsett

Wade's World Smoke Shop on 1489 County Rd 220 Suite 140

Very nice place, friendly staff, and a great selection at competitive prices! Nick was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful with everything I had a question about. They have a large selection and quality products for all of your smoking and vaping needs. I feel like I left well informed about everything I purchased and will definitely be returning for anything I need in the future.

Review by Jon

Wade's World Smoke Shop on 1489 County Rd 220 Suite 140

2 guys at the front are cool. Maybe a little pricey but service makes up for it. Anyone writing a review about bad service is either an ass or has no idea what good smoke shop service is. Will be back.

Review by corey bates

Wade's World Smoke Shop on 1489 County Rd 220 Suite 140

beautiful pieces beautiful shop perfect music. Nick was very courteous and informative helped me find everything without being pushy. great store

Review by Drew Tyler

Wade's World Smoke Shop on 1489 County Rd 220 Suite 140

I have showed up several times during the day and there is always a posted note stating be back at a different time every day! Plus this store is OVER PRICED and guess what else? No Veteran Discount. Plus the employee there seems always high. I'm all for cannabis but I don't show up at work drunk or high. I show up for work, TOO WORK. Don't believe me then message me I got pics! You want more foot traffic then maybe don't shut the store down, get more employees and make sure their sober at work!


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