Smokin Deals

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Smokin Deals is a head shop in Fairbanks, Alaska.

It is sometimes referred to as "Smokin Deals FBK Fairbanks".

Smokin Deals

Multiple Locations

3588 Airport Way
Fairbanks, AK 99709

2301 S Cushman St
Fairbanks, AK 99701



There are 2 locations in Smokin Deals.

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There are multiple 2 phone numbers in Smokin Deals.

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Smokin Deals on 3588 Airport Way

True to their name, Smokin Deals has some of the best priced items I've seen in Fairbanks, and not only that bust the manager I delt with there was enthusiastic and knowledgeable when sharing information about the store and its items. I love this place and would go there first when looking for a specific item. This is a wonderful shop!

Review by Tyler Bell

Smokin Deals on 3588 Airport Way

Has a nice selection of water, metal, wood, and clay pipes. Staff is friendly and will give you their honest opinion on the durability of the pipe you choose. They also have drinks, flavored e cig cartridges, hoodies, blankets, and knives.

Review by Stephanie Ransom

Smokin Deals on 3588 Airport Way

Pretty much got anything you're looking for when you go in there good place!

Review by Sarah Hardt

Smokin Deals on 3588 Airport Way

Love the store big variety customer service is happy and peaceful help you if you don't understand anything direct you in the right product great company they live by their name satisfied

Review by Francis Baillargeon

Smokin Deals on 3588 Airport Way

Bought a coil for my vape from them and found out it was faulty... they refused to take it back

Review by Joe Hou

Smokin Deals on 2301 S Cushman St

I walked in and there was 6 kids huddled in a circle chanting "our vapes don't make us gay!" Then when they noticed others were around they all ran out to their Subarus and jumped in, when they opened the door a flow of granola hit the ground and then they blew a huge 6 person vape cloud, When the smoke cleared they were gone. It was like a small pack of tiny vaping David Blaine's.

Review by Jon Davids

Smokin Deals on 2301 S Cushman St

1. They sell kratom. And multiple kinds. 2. It's not expensive (not as it normally is) 3. Great customer service! I went in there the other day looking for kratom. Although there wasn't a huge selection there was more then just one. I told the guy what I like and was looking for, even though they didn't have my favorite kind (I get that from Washington) the man sat there with me looking at each one to see what would work best. He gave me stuff I've tried before and stuff to try. I told him I didn't have a lot to spend right now and he was willing to work with me. Truly an amazing experience. I will go here for my kratom needs from now on. (Kratom isn't marijuana.)

Review by Robyn Juarez

Smokin Deals on 2301 S Cushman St

Straight from the jump, the store has so many different pieces. You can pretty much find everything here and get some real steal deals if you know what I'm sayin. The customer service is great, they're super chill and willing to go into details to help you find whatever you're interested in. Don't judge it kind of looks like a crack shack on the outside, but the inside...Gold.

Review by Big Betty

Smokin Deals on 2301 S Cushman St

Huge selection and very fairly priced.

Review by Molly Proffitt

Smokin Deals on 2301 S Cushman St

Nice paraphernalia selection

Review by Tyler Swan

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